Florida Fishing Guide Capt Brian Brown

how is everybody doing this is your Florida Fishing Guide Capt Brian Brown with my Lake Okeechobee fishing report. I just spent the last 2 days up here on the North End the lake with Bruce from New York. We did artificial only trip for the last couple of days, and enjoying some awesome weather little Windy we have some south East wind going about 20 miles an hour, but we were able to kind of duck and hide out of most of it for the most part he really Just wanted to see what Lake Okeechobee was about and fishing all the stuff that he doesn’t get back home, and we had a pretty good day. I mean over the overall last 2 days we got a bunch of fish, yesterday was a little slower than today, but we still manage to catch a bunch of fish on the outcast tackle Swim riggs. got big fish over 5 1/2 pounds for the weekend and had another four and a bunch of 3s so it was a great day. We got out of the wind and just found some areas fishing there along the edges of the grass and pads, but anybody looking to come down and get out on the water and enjoy some of this weather we’re enjoying out here in South Florida Give us a call here at bass online, and we’ll get you out and hopefully get you a couple of fish of a lifetime tight lines until next time. This is Captain Brian Brown.

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[content_box title=”About Capt Brian Brown” backgroundcolor=”” icon=”fa-user” iconcolor=”#3bbf4a” circlecolor=”#ffffff” circlebordercolor=”#oooooo” iconflip=”yes” iconrotate=”” iconspin=”” image=”https://lakeokeechobeebassfishing.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/brian.brown_.card-200.jpg” image_width=”50″ image_height=”50″ link=”” linktarget=”_self” linktext=”” animation_type=”0″ animation_direction=”down” animation_speed=”0.1″] Capt Brian Brown is a seasonal full-time bass fishing guide, he is also your go-to Crappie fishing guide on Lake Okeechobee. With over 20yrs of experience, Brian can help you understand the movements of fish, understand how to read your electronics. As well as helping you choose the proper tackle to use for your next fishing trip. So if you are ready for a fun day on the water with great fishing tips thrown in, Capt Brian could be the guy for you.[/content_box][/content_boxes]

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