Family Bass Fishing Trip On the Big O

How’s everybody doing this is Captain Brian Brown with your Lake Okeechobee fishing report today I was out of the south end of the lake and I was joined by Tom his sons Thomas Andrew and daughter Sophia we went out then got some shiners and we headed out and and checked kind of a little spot that I figured We’d be able to find some fish to catch, with kids that age you want to make sure they’re kind of start catching fish right off the bat. Tom got the first one to get everybody started, a nice solid 3 and a half pound fish and we kind of picked away at them there, Sophia caught herself a big five pounder and she got that in and she was just beside herself, and that was the highlight of the trip getting that fish for the youngest one there. she really enjoyed that they all liked seeing her catch it and Sophia wasn’t done though and went on to catch Quite a few fish today, and tom he had a 6 pounder to top the day off right before we got a bunch of rain move in but it was a great time to see the kids have some great memories and see the father bond with their kids, and it was just a blast to see and and spend some time with them and watch a fun family time together on the water so it’s not all about competition out there. It’s not all about the hustle and bustle and what not, it’s just about making memories and they did a great great job at that today, and any families out there just looking to get away and enjoy some time together and just enjoy some fun time on the water get a hold of us here at bass online, and we can get you set up and get you a trip of a lifetime out there and share some great memories and until next time this is captain Brian brown looking to stretch a line with you.

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