Heavy Winds Bass Fishing

When you explore Florida Fishing, you can expect two things: great fishing and unpredictable conditions. Most of the times you experience Florida Fishing, you will have an awesome day on the water. Some other times, you may get caught heavy winds bass fishing.

Lake Okeechobee is one of the best places to experience what Bass Fishing is all about. I had the pleasure of fishing with Ron Powers who was traveling from Maryland to catch bass.

Unfortunately, when Ron went fishing it was on the backside of a front. Winds picked up to 25 miles an hour but that did not stop the bass from biting. You can find many places on Lake Okeechobee to tuck away and hide to catch bass.

Ron caught 20 nice largemouth bass with no giants in the boat. He loves to Florida Bass Fish so he will be back very soon for more action. He truly enjoys the North End of Lake Okeechobee the best.

I am looking forward to many more laughs and great times with Ron on my boat. Come explore Lake Okeechobee and we will put you on fish, you can’t forget.

Come Catch Yours with our Local Experts on Lake Okeechobee.

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