November Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing Forecast

Mother Nature can reign down on a state like Florida but the fishing here will always remain strong. Lake Okeechobee came out very strong and it is looking like it is going to be a great season on the lake. We hope you enjoy this November Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing Forecast.

Many places in Florida had damage from Hurricane Irma rolling in. Lake Okeechobee did not see the damage many other locations in the state experienced. Minor damage to the grass fields occurred but much more positive impacts were felt.

Stirring up Lake Okeechobee could be a positive thing. The amount of new vegetation that will form as a result can produce new amazing locations to fish. Storms like this allow for a transition and new life on the lake. It is important for this to happen on occasion.

One of the biggest impacts Lake Okeechobee felt was a rise in water levels. The lake is 16 feet 7 inches above water level. It has been a blessing and will be a major factor for this amazing upcoming season. A rise in water this much will allow for new places to be fished and for fish to move back into areas they could not before.

Every day will be a new adventure and there is nothing more exciting than that while you are Florida Bass Fishing. We love to be tested and to have to put our knowledge to work. Moonshine Bay is one of those locations that are now going to be available to fish. We haven’t been back there in such a long time.

Another major benefit to a rise in water levels is safe navigation. Before the storm, water levels were getting really low producing dangerous areas of the lake to rise. Even though you should still be careful, it is much safer to explore all the waters on the Lake. We advise you still be careful of the floating debris that is around the lake. If you need help navigating, get with someone that can guide you through all the best waters to run.

Be excited for this time of year. As the weather begins to cool down and the temperatures drop, the females will start to move in. The males already have been in the back flats getting things ready for the female migration. Late October through November will be the best times to throw artificial baits in the flats around cover such as the Bass Assassin “Logger Toad” or “Die Dapper.”

We implore you to come explore what Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing has to offer this season and in the next couple of months. As the water drops slowly the fishing will continue to get better. Expect big numbers and awesome quality of largemouth bass.

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Captain Mark Shepard is a full-time guide and touring professional. Experience includes BASS Master, FLW Tours, Everstart, BFL tournaments and many others. Mark has a list of accomplishments in the fishing industry a mile long including a Everstart WIN on Lake Eufaula, AL. Mark originally from Florida moved to Ohio to sharpen him northern skills and moved back from Ohio years ago to master guiding on world famous Lake Okeechobee for over 10 years now.